Penrose is a platform that enables people to create beautiful diagrams just by typing mathematical notation in plain text. The goal is to make it easy for non-experts to create and explore high-quality diagrams, providing deeper insight into challenging technical concepts. We aim to democratize the process of creating visual intuition.

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Check out our new SIGGRAPH '20 paper and video on Penrose!

The Penrose team is based at Carnegie Mellon University, comprising Katherine Ye, Nimo Ni, Dor Ma'ayan, Max Krieger, Stella Trout, Josh Sunshine, Jonathan Aldrich, and Keenan Crane. (Emeritus: Jenna Wise, Rain Du, and Lily Shellhammer.)

Penrose is an early-stage system that is still in development. We're building it as fast as we can. If you follow the repository and join the mailing list, you'll be the first to hear any news. Feel free to get in touch.