Penrose is a system for declaratively creating semantics-driven visualizations. We aim to democratize visual intuition by enabling users to create diagrams at the domain level, freeing them from pixel-level manipulation. We're first targeting the domain of math.

Penrose is an active research project that began in September 2016. For an overview, see the two-page proposal that appeared at OBT '17 and the slides for the talk given there. Our latest work can be found in this two-page proposal, to appear in DSLDI '17.

The Penrose team is based at CMU and Columbia University, comprising Katherine Ye, Keenan Crane, Jonathan Aldrich, Josh Sunshine, and Nimo Ni. If you're an author, educator, illustrator, or student interested in trying Penrose, please get in touch!

Our system is not yet ready for contributions or wide use, but if you follow the repository and join the mailing list, you'll be the first to hear about any news.